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Up North Excursions Day Trips explore and support arts, music, history, and nature in the Northland
Life-long learning and community building. 

If you are interested in a trip, please let me know.   I'll let you know if there is space and the status of the trip. 

I hope to have you join me on day trips! 
These trips support arts and nature in our region and give you learning opportunities and positive experiences. 

Wendy Grethen
Your host
Offering day trips since 2016
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Upcoming Day Trips 2022
Let me know if you are interested in going on day trips.  I understand not everyone is ready to go places.   Thank you for those who have traveled with me and sorry for those who want to go on trips that didn't have enough participants.  

Enthusiast of learning and going places
Arts Supporter

I love providing opportunities to go places and enjoy the Northland. 
Masks are required on our transportion vehicle. 

January trip to a local farm with animals. More information coming soon.  

GUTHRIE TRIP CANCELLED. NOT ENOUGHT PEOPLE REGISTERED BY THE DEADLINE.  I tried reaching out for people to attend.  Many of the people on the list don't use email/computers and I didn't do a mailing for one trip.  Covid is impacting the numbers.  No other trips are planned. I'm sorry. I really wish we could go to see this play!  

Feb 12, 2022
Day trip to the Guthrie Theater
 A Raisin in the Sun.   Live performance

We will stop for lunch prior to the show. Lunch included. 

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?
A play by Lorraine Hansberry that opened on Broadway in 1959.
It was the first play written by an African American woman to be on Broadway and was the first with an African American director.

You'll get a chance to look out over the Mississippi River.  

The trip registration deadline is Dec 14. 
Sign up. 

The trip leaves from Perkins West at 8:15 a.m. and returns about 7:15. We will do a stop at Tobies on the way north where you can buy your own treats to eat later.  

As of 12/12:  9 seats available

Have you ever been to the Guthrie Theater?   It has interesting architecture and very talented performers.   Here is a link to the Guthrie Theater. 

Here is a link about the show

Future Up North Excursion outings. 

Spring time meal Celebrate the Season.
At local B&B.  Local history talk and music. 


When you write out a check address it to
 Wendy Up North.

A minimum number of participants is needed by the deadline for a trip to go. 
Check with the hosit if seats are available before mailing in a check.  
To be complete your registration must include payment.  

Keep safe. 

  I love to provide fun experiences.  As a teacher by heart I think experiences and opportuniies to learn are everywhere and these trips bring you to potentially new places for you to come on your own or with friends and family.  The trips also save gas and parking hassles.  

UpNorth Excursions
Wendy Grethen

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