I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming day trip.  I have coordinated over 30 day trips from Duluth.  Covid 19 has hit the trips hard and for a year and half no trips were held.  Safety is important.  As a new format since covid, local trips were added where we met at a farm location and learned more about animals (alpacas, Icelandic sheep) and more topics.  More of these local trips will be done once or twice a year.  Meanwhile, I really want to be doing the group trips where we go to places and events and enjoy a day trip together.

I have received several calls in recent years of people asking to go on a Duluth area trip with a specific group of people, such as a work place or members of an organization.  I am open to setting up personalized local trips. 

My passion is arts, music, history and nature.  The Northland has many opportunities and events to enjoy the neighboring towns and cities.

A minimum number of people is needed for trip by a deadline so if you are really interested in a trip please let me know sooner rather than later.  Some people have asked for certain destinations, like going to Prince's studio, and as many of the trips have had a challenge of bringing in enough people (especially since Covid) I am targeting places and events that will more likely draw in enough people. 

Another challenge is that many of the people that have gone on the trips don't "do computers."  I've done multiple mailing but as single trips are added it's too costly to do mailings for one trip.  Feel free to call me to check on upcoming trips.  My number is 218-525-5098.  

Thank you. 

Wendy Grethen

My passion for lifelong learning and building community for everyone is a part of all the trips.